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Below are links to websites of interest to Laura and David on their ranch in 1873.

Laura is a trained doctor, and David is a sheriff, rancher and former POW of the Civil War.

1 Wunderlich Farm
The Wunderlich Farm
2 Wunderlich Sitting
Sitting Area
3 Loom

What was going on in the world when Laura left Ohio to travel to Texas and marry David?  A lot.

1870’s Timeline: What books were out? What plays were being produced? What was new in science? What was making history?

Nineteenth Century Inventions 1800 – 1850

Nineteenth Century Inventions 1851 – 1899

About 1873

Civil War Links

David was solider in the Confederate Army. He and his friend Bobby were taken prisoners of war and they spent the last few months of the war at Camp Douglas in Illinois.

Camp Douglas


Texas Regiments and Other Units in the Confederate Army

Raymond Civil War Battlefield

Guns and Other Weaponry

4 Canning Station
Canning Station
5 Sausage Press
Sausage Press
6 Kitchen
Kitchen Utensils

Mail Order Brides

David placed an ad in the Matrimonial Gazette, which Laura answered.  Mail order brides in the 19th century were very common. Laura was just one of thousands of women who went west looking for a husband, and David one of the men who married them.

Here Comes the Bride: Cultural Context

Medicine in the 1800s

Laura learned to pratice medicine from her Uncle John, a physician and Union Army doctor. She never attended Medical School, but trained as an apprentice. This was a normal training for physicians during the 1800s. However, it was during the 1800s that medical schools were either opened to women or formed especially for the training of women in the medical field.

The History of Medicine: 1800 – 1850

Hidden Legacy: Early Female Physicians in Alabama

Jennie Kidd Gowanlock: First licensed female physician in Canada

American Civil War Surgical Antiques

Medical Education for Women, 1870

7 Winderlich Farm
Wunderlich Farm
8 Spinnning
Spinning Wheel
9 Harvester

Salvation, Texas

David is a rancher and the sheriff of Salvation, Texas, a fictious town near Bryan and College Station, home of Texas A&M University. Discover more about the area where Salvation is located:

A short history of Tejas

Texas History Timeline

The Texas Beyond History website incorporates virtual museum exhibits, resources for kids and teachers, a glossary, and a site search to improve public knowledge of Texas.

9a Covered Wagon<br”>Covered Wagon 9b Stage
Mail Order Bride
9c Wagon on Prairie
Wagon en Route


Laura took the railroad and stage coach from Colerain, Ohio to Salvation, Texas.  Neither were very comfortable modes of travel.

The Concord Coach

Hints For The Traveler: Spit on the Leeward Side

Riding a Stage Coach: Advice from George Frederick Ruxton: 1847

Song of the Overland Stage Driver

Women of History

Laura was a woman before her time. She was a trained physician, who intended to practice once she reached her new home in Texas. David wasn’t so sure he wanted a wife with such an unusal female career, but like other women of history, she rarely listened when told no.

Emily Geiger, A young spy for the U. S.

Jennie Kidd Gowanlock, first licensed female physician in Canada

Jane Wilkinson Long, Mother of Texas


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