Holiday Cheer with Roni Denholtz

by Anna on November 30, 2013

Hanukkah celebrates religious freedom, and the fact that the oil found in the temple after battle lasted eight days instead of one–until more oil could be found to light the “eternal light,” a symbol of God. So, we eat foods fried in oil like potato latkes (pancakes) and doughnuts. A big gift is given and for children, besides the big gift, smaller gifts exchanged for 8 nights. In our family, we often had theme nights.  On one night we would give our son and daughter new pajamas, and on another night a game to share.  My favorite was book night–everyone got a few new books.  For several years my daughter collected the American Girl doll historical books, and my son was into Animorphs.  But whatever it was, they loved to read (and still do) and so do I.  So I always got my husband a new book too and treated myself to one! This year, my son and his girlfriend bought me a book by Christine Bush, and I treated myself to one by Beth Ciotta and another one by Heather Graham.  I am also planning to purchase a book by a new Wild Rose Press author, but haven’t decided which one yet!

Roni Denholtz

One of my nieces opening a gift from this year

Potato Latkes
2-4 baking potatoes, shredded or grated
1/3 cup minced onions
3 tablespoons flour
1 large egg
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp.pepper
Shred or grate potatoes using a food processor or grater.  (Be careful!)
Squeeze out any liquid.
Add other ingredients, mixing well.
Heat at least one tablespoon of vegetable oil in frying pan or electric fryer (I use more than 1 tbsp). Tip pan to coat evenly.
Drop one heaping tablespoon of potato mixture into oil. Fry about two  minutes per side, pressing down.  Fry until golden.
Serve hot (can be rewarmed in over) with applesauce (some people like it with sour cream).
   Nancy Gardner had carefully planned her Hanukkah celebration down to the last candle and was sure everything would be prefect. The last thing she wanted was for her first love, Mike Powers, to intrude on her well-laid plans.

   But he has…and suddenly the holiday has taken on a whole new meaning.

   As Nancy and Mike celebrate together at sparkling holiday parties and family festivities, Mike’s presence ignites long-buried feelings in Nancy’s heart. But past events have made her certain that their romance could never last.

   Mike can’t deny his feelings for the woman he once loved. The more he sees of Nancy, the more he knows they’re meant for each other.

   Can Mike convince Nancy that their love can shine as brightly as the glowing Hanukkah candles…forever?
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Roni Denholtz
The Wild Rose Press
2012 Golden Leaf Finalist !

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