by Anna on December 17, 2013

Dear blog visitors,  I offer my humble apologies for a glitch I just now discovered….I have a spam folder for comments made on my blog and even one of my own comments was sent there.  This website is new to me, having been built in June after I won a website design in Brenda Novak’s auction.  Although the site was designed and went live by Harvey Stanbrough then, I have not blogged much until this month with Holiday Cheer. And I have not ‘fiddled’ around too much behind the scenes, basically afraid I’d screw up something Harvey had set up by clicking on the wrong thing.

Now that I know about this ‘spam’ folder,  I will be checking it daily. Today, I approved 25+ messages, dating back to at least December 2. 

Again, my apologies to any inconvenience.

Anna Kathryn Lanier


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