Holiday Cheer with Anna Kathryn Lanier

by Anna on December 24, 2013

  1. treeEgg nog or hot chocolate? I have to say both, since Christmas is the only time of year you seem to get Egg Nog, I really enjoy having it.
  2. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? On Christmas Eve, since I was a child, we’d drive around looking at Christmas lights.  When I was a child, we’d come back and open presents, but my husband likes to open presents on Christmas morning.
  3. What is your favorite holiday song? O Holy Night. I just wish I could sing as well as others do!
  4. What is your favorite holiday movie? Like others who have been on Holiday Cheer, A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. It doesn’t seem like Christmas without seeing them.
  5. What is something on your gift wish list? A new computer. I have a laptop that’s just a few years old (a past Christmas present), but I really need a tower computer.  I’m hoping Santa will bring me one.
  6. What is the most important thing about the holidays for you? Family and friends.
  7. What do you leave for Santa?  Milk and Cookies, though the grandchild asked if we could leave hot chocolate this year, which lead to a discussion on how ‘magic’ would keep the chocolate hot.
  8. What do you do on Christmas Eve? When my mother was alive (she passed away in 2012), we would go to her house on Christmas Eve and open gifts there.  It’s also been a tradition in my family to have soup on Christmas Eve.  Growing up, it was oyster stew, which my siblings and I didn’t like, so mom finally got tired of making us eat it and switched to her potato soup.  Now, that’s what I fix every year and my daughters would upset if I didn’t. And as I already said, we drive around looking at Christmas lights. I also go to church most Christmas Eves…depending on what time the service is and when family activities are scheduled. BTW, I now LOVE oyster stew!  I don’t why I didn’t as a child,
  9.  Do you have a Christmas morning tradition? We have Christmas morning breakfast, but that does come after opening stockings, viewing Santa gifts for the grandchildren and opening the gifts under the tree.
  10.  Do you have a real or artificial tree? We’ve had real trees in the past, but for the past two years, we’ve had my mother’s pre-lit Christmas tree. It’s not very wide, which makes it nice for our house.
  11.  What tops your tree? This year it’s an Angel. We’ve had a lit star in the past.
  12.  What’s your favorite holiday quote? God Bless us everyone.
  13.  What color lights do you put on your tree? Colored. A few years ago, I went with blue and silver decorations and would have blue and white lights, except the tree is pre-lit.
  14. Do you wrap as you go or do you do a marathon wrapping ‘party?’ I usually have several marathon parties, with at least one more coming.  My out-of-state daughter and grandchildren will be here for New Year’s Eve/Day and we will open presents with them then. So, I have not wrapped all their presents.
  15. Where would you spend the holiday if you could go anywhere in the world? In a cabin on a snowcapped mountain with my family.
  16. What is your favorite holiday book? One tradition I’ve started this year with my granddaughter who lives with us is reading a holiday story to her each night…well, I didn’t make it every night, especially when I came down with strep throat a few days ago (still recovering from it.)  One of the books we got last year and read tonight is The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado. It’s a wonderful story about a crippled lamb that is unable to do as the other lambs can and is forced to stay in the stable when they move to another valley for grass. His friend Abigail the Cow tells him that “God has special place for those who feel left out.” And boy does He ever!
  17. Ornement Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? I have two tree ornaments that were on my family tree when I was younger…I think one of them is about 50 years old. The other is only about 35 years old. Both have a special place on my tree.
  18. What is your favorite holiday dish? Mom’s Potato
  19.  What is your favorite holiday treat (pie, cake, cookies, etc)? Fudge and isn’t it odd how we don’t make these treats except at the holidays?

Mom’s Potato Soup


12 strips bacon

2 cups potatoes, cut into small cubed

1 small onion, chopped

1 cup water

2 can cream of chicken soup

2 cans milk

¼ teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon salt

Cubed American cheese – I stack slices of American cheese and cube them.


Fry bacon until crisp, set aside. Add potatoes and onions to bacon fat. Fry for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Add cup of water, cover and cook until almost dry.  Smash-up some of the potatoes.  Add soup, milk, pepper and salt. Mix well. Heat through, but do not boil. Serve with crumpled bacon and cheese.

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