Flowers: What do their colors mean?

by Anna on February 6, 2014

By Anna Kathryn Lanier

This coming Friday is St. Valentine’s Day…just in case you didn’t realize it.  Flowers are a huge gift for significant others.  We all know red roses represent love, but what about other colors? What do they mean?  If your love gives you pink flowers, what does he think about you? What if the arrangement is mostly green flora? (Okay, we know that guys are most likely NOT picking out a particular color to tell you something, but it’ll make you wonder what he was thinking.) Here’s what I’ve found on different websites, which mostly all said the same thing in different ways.

Flower Yellow

Yellow: Happy, joy and lightheartedness…all the things yellow symbolizes. They also represent friendship, which may not be what you had in mind for the relationship.

orange flower

Orange: A bold and unbashful color, he may give you orange flowers if you finds you confident, passionate and full of enthusiasm and warmth.


Peach: Not the color you want your true to give you…as peach symbolizes gratitude to a woman who is only a best friend.

Flower Red

Red: Another energy color, it can transform an otherwise unassuming personality into someone with desire, strength and passionate love. A red flower also symbolizes beauty, heat, respect, courage, strength and love.

Flower Pink

Pink: This color has many different symbolisms—from youth and innocence to grace and gentility. A gentleman can express happiness, fun, and joy if he gives his lady love a bouquet of pink flowers, especially azaleas.


Lavender: He thinks of you as feminine beauty full of elegance, delicateness, and refinement with an arrangement of lavender blossoms.

Flower Purple

Purple: The color of royalty, purple symbolizes dignity, pride and success. It is the perfect color for a woman whose accomplishments he admires.

Flower Blue

Blue: Are you high-strung and preoccupied? Then perhaps that’s why he gave you a blue flora arrangement. With its calming effect, these flowers will bring peace, openness and serenity.

Flower Green

Green: A color associated with nature and renewal, a bouquet of diverse shapes and hues convey health, resilience, good fortune, optimism and youth.

Flower White

White: Purity and innocence, modesty and elegance. An arrangement dominated by white flowers represents the reverence your love has for you.

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Anna Kathryn Lanier

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