Online Workshop: Here Be Dragons with Cindy Villar

by Anna on April 7, 2014

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Online Class:  Here Be Dragons

Registration Deadline:May 03, 2014
Class Start Date:05/01/14
Class End Date:05/30/14
Instructor:Cindy Vallar
Fee: $10 for HHRW / $20 for non-HHRW members


Class Description:

Instructor: Cindy Vallar, Author of “Rumble the Dragon,” “Odin’s Stone,” and The Scottish Thistle (

Workshop dates: Thursday, 1 May – Friday, 30 May 2014

Workshop description:

Dragons are beautiful, magnificent, magical creatures. . . . They are also the most intelligent, the most powerful, and the most dangerous. – Margaret Weis

Say the word “dragon” and an image immediately comes to mind – an enormous reptilian or serpentine creature with huge wings and razor-sharp talons, that breathes fire and finds people delectable morsels. Myth or reality?

“Here Be Dragons” explores the realms of dragonology. From the evolution of dragons to types of dragons, from their physiology to their lifespan, culture, and habitats, this workshop and the assignments illuminate what a writer needs to know to create believable, three-dimensional characters. We explore types of dragons, dragon history, and dragon legends. At the end of the workshop, Cindy offers to provide a free edit of a chapter from participants’ manuscripts.

Past Workshop Participants’ Comments:

Your ability to put a lot of information in a succinct and entertaining fashion is truly amazing. – Elizabeth Bryant

Seldom have I enjoyed a classroom-journey more or learned intriguing facts so easily. Thank you for your patience, the vastness of your notes and lessons and comments. Not only am I a better story teller because of your effort, but I’m a happier writer. – Alice

Thank you! I’ve paid so much more for workshops where I got so little in return. I am not exaggerating when I say that your workshop is every researching author’s dream. – Maria Zannini

Instructor Bio:

About the instructor: A retired librarian, Cindy Vallar is a historical novelist and member of the Historical Novel Society. She writes reviews and twice a year pens “The Red Pencil” editing column for their Historical Novels Reviews. She is also a freelance editor, the Editor of Pirates and Privateers, a monthly column on the history of maritime piracy, and a contributing writer for the magazine History Is Now published by It’s History Podcasts. Dark Oak Press recently published her historical fantasy, “Rumble the Dragon,” in its latest short story anthology, A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder. She invites you to visit her award-winning web site, Thistles & Pirates (, to learn more.

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Margaret Breashears

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