Lowcountry RWA May 2014 Online Workshops

by Anna on April 22, 2014

***Permission to Forward Granted and Appreciated***

Check out the scheduled 3 courses for May 2014! Permission to forward is granted and appreciated, thank you!

RWA May 2014 Online Workshops

1.    Bigger Stories:

Fees: $20

Dates: May 5-30, 2014

Presenter: Peter Andrews

FMI: http://lowcountryrwa.com/workshops/all-workshops/#MAY1  

2.    Dialogue Class:

Fees: $20

Dates:May 5-30, 2014

Presenter: Beth Marrow

FMI: http://lowcountryrwa.com/workshops/all-workshops/#MAY3

3.    Advanced Plot Techniques:

Fees: $20     

Dates: May 5-30, 2014

Presenter: Kat Duncan

FMI: http://lowcountryrwa.com/workshops/all-workshops/#MAY4

You can register for on-line classes through May 4, 2014.
Each class is $20. FMI: http://lowcountryrwa.com, or email Online
Workshop Coordinator, Synithia Williams, synithiaw@gmail.com, using the Subject line: LRWA ONLINE WORKSHOP.  To subscribe to LRWA Online Workshop monthly
mailing list, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LRWAonlinecourses/join

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