Workshops for Writers: Dragons and Scotland

by Anna on April 24, 2014

1) Here Be Dragons Workshop

Workshop dates: Thursday, 1 May – Friday, 30 May 2014 

Workshop description: 
Dragons are beautiful, magnificent, magical creatures. . . . They are also the most intelligent, the most powerful, and the most dangerous. – Margaret Weis 

Say the word “dragon” and an image immediately comes to mind – an enormous reptilian or serpentine creature with huge wings and razor-sharp talons, that breathes fire and finds people delectable morsels. Myth or reality? 

“Here Be Dragons” explores the realms of dragonology. From the evolution of dragons to types of dragons, from their physiology to their lifespan, culture, and habitats, this workshop and the assignments illuminate what a writer needs to know to create believable, three-dimensional characters. We explore types of dragons, dragon history, and dragon legends. At the end of the workshop, Cindy offers to provide a free edit of a chapter from participants’ manuscripts. 

Cost: $10 for HHRW members, $20 for non-members 

To Register: Click the link below


2) The Scottish Highlands Workshop

Workshop dates: 5 May – 27 
June 2014 

Workshop description: The majesty 
and beauty of the Scottish Highlands provide many a backdrop for historical novels. Out of the mists rise proud Highlanders who value honor and duty above all else. Their steadfastness and sorrow arouse deep emotions in us. Although the odds are against them, they fight for their beliefs, knowing they may not survive, but unwilling to be branded cowards. The Romans, English, and Lowland Scots brand them barbarians. The French seek their alliance and use them to advance their own agendas. Author Cindy Vallar shares her love and knowledge of the Scottish Highlands and their people. 

The workshop provides writers with a basic understanding of Highland history and culture of the 17th and 18th centuries. She begins with a historical overview then discusses Highland clans, warriors and their weapons and music, folk life and folk ways, herbs and plants, folklore, and special times and days. 

Cindy enhances the participants’ experience through assignments and excerpts from her novel, The Scottish Thistle, to illustrate how she weaves fact into fiction. She also caters to the needs of those who take the workshop, including a lesson that 
incorporates the specific clans in participants’ manuscripts. We discuss history versus historical fiction and character profiles, as well as scenes that showcase daily life or special events for feedback from Cindy and the others in the workshop. At the end of the workshop, she provides a free edit of a chapter from participants’ manuscripts set in Scotland. 

Cost: $35 for Premium Members, $45 for Basic Members and Non-members 

To Register: Click the link below 


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