Day Two-RWA National Conference

by Anna on July 23, 2014

San Antonio

This was a semi-lazy day. I was able to sleep in, something I haven’t done much, even at home, lately.  Then I met with two authors, Ashlyn Mcnamara and Callie Hutton, to get books from them for door prizes for the Hearts Through History meeting on Thursday.  After that, I met up with Anne Marie Novark and the two of us went to the Alamo and took a tour.  We also got to see a nice demonstrations on long guns, knives and other everyday items in use at the time. As we were about to leave, I received a text from Linda Carol Forrest letting me know she had arrived at the hotel.


The Alamo




Anne Marie and Me


A selfie – Anne Marie Novark and me


Long Rifle


A long gun (it’s very heavy)


Fishing pole


A fishing ‘pole’



Writing set

A writing set

Anne Marie and I returned to the hotel, met up with Linda Carol and the three of us went out to lunch at Charlie Wants a Burger.  We had good food and great conversation.  Returned back at the hotel for a little rest and met up with my roommate Carra Copelin, who finally arrived.  We chit chatted for a while in the room, then headed out so Carra could have dinner.

Lunch with AM and LCF

Me, Anne Marie and Linda Carol

It was time for the Lit Signing after that, so headed into the crowded ballroom with over 500 authors and their eager fans.  I got to meet Susan Elizabeth Phillips, one of my favorite authors and a very nice lady.  I also met Victoria Alexandria, Ella Quinn, Margret Mallory, and Callie Hutton.  I then made my way to the silent auction and signed up for two auctions. I was outbid immediately on one of them, but no one outbid me on the Windy City Retreat in March 2015 with Donald Maass.  So, guess who won it and where I’ll be next March?  (An aside note: Donald Maass was supposed to be at the Northwest Houston conference in October 2013, but he had a family emergency and was unable to attend. I have not yet heard him speak, so it must be fate that I won).


Susan Elizabeth Phillips and me

Windy City

So, while in line to check out with my books, the lady in front of me started talking to the lady behind me. I thought the lady in front of me looked familiar, so I glanced at her name tag.  It was Margie Lawson.  When I was president of Bay Area Writer’s League back in 2006, I brought Margie in as a speaker (I’d taken one of her classes on line previously via an RWA chapter).  She still remembers me!  By the way, if you ever get the chance to take one of Margie’s classes, do it!

So, after the lit signing, I went to the bar, where Margie was having a Hugs and Chug get together.  I first had a nice conversation with a lady from Dallas and then a lovely conversation with a lady from Australia.

Tomorrow, the conference starts in full swing!

Anna Kathryn Lanier


Never let your memories be greater than your dreams. ~Doug Ivester 


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