Days 3 and 4 – RWA National Conference

by Anna on July 26, 2014

Oh, yes, I missed posting on Day 3 and now it’s after midnight, so it’s technically past Day 4.  Does that tell you how busy I’ve been since the conference has officially started?  Here’s a recap of Day 3, part of which I posted on my facebook page in the middle of Day 3:

Taking a break from the #RWA14 conference. So far today, I helped set up for the speaker’s luncheon, attended a workshop on Real Life Cowboys (very interesting), a workshop on how to make money when you are a slow writing (not putting out a book every 3 months…lol), attended the luncheon, had a rum and coke in the bar with Judy McDonough, and went to a fantastic Margie Lawson workshop. Still on for tonight: the Hearts Through History RWA Annual General Meeting at Saltgrass Steak House and a ghost tour of San Antonio. And tomorrow is yet another day!

The Hearts Through History AGM was great. We had Dr. Bruce Winders, curator and historian of the Alamo give a talk about the Alamo.  It was a fantastic speech.  And the ghost tour was interesting, though I think most people’s feet didn’t appreciate it much!  The question most people were asking….where did the guy get the meat grinder from?


Day 4: RWA hosted a breakfast and General Session with Special Speaker Cindy Ratzlaff.  Cindy spoke on the importance of Internet Presence and how best to present yourself on twitter, facebook, pinterest and more.  Very informative! After the session, Cindy and her co-author Kathy Kinney autographed their book QUEEN OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

Then instead of going to the workshop I really wanted to go to, because I missed it on my schedule, I went to the Avon and Harlequin booksignings. Of course, I came back with two bagsful of books.  I’ll donate some to Northwest Houston, RWA for their raffle baskets they put together for their annual Lone Star Conference, held in October.  Thankful TO LEECH OR NOT TO LEECH was recorded and I can listen to C. Allyn Pierson’s talk later.

I did make it to one workshop in the morning: HOW MUCH ‘REAL LIFE’ SHOULD A ROMANCE CONTAIN? by Claudia Dain, Tammy Falkner and Sabrina Jeffries.  I took lots of notes.

It was then lunchtime and I joined several Northwest Houston RWA members for Italian.  Good food and good conversation.

Afternoon workshops included MASTERING DEEP POV with Christie Craig and AN AMATEUR’S GUIDE TO TWITTER with Tyra Burton and Sally Kilpatrick.

Then off to The Towers of the Americas to have supper with Linda Carol Forrest and great view of San Antonio.

The evening ended with Ruth Kenjura’s annual Wine, Cheese and Chocolate party!

It’s nearly 1:00 a.m., so I’m signing off. Pictures later….

Anna Kathryn


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