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by Anna on January 3, 2015

For the past several years, I have participated in Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research, both as a donor and as a participant (hey, I won this website 2 years ago! Thanks Harvey for donating it as a prize!)  Below is a note I’ve received from Brenda….she is taking 2015 off from doing the auction after 10 straight years.  But, she has three other, easy ways you can still help raise money this year for Diabetes Research.  Read Brenda’s message below for all the details.

Happy New Year!

As most of you know from your tremendous support over the years, I usually run an online auction every May to raise money for diabetes research. Most of you also know that, after ten consecutive years, I won¹t be running the auction in 2015. I¹m taking a break from that, but I will be launching another type of fundraiser. To give you a little background, last year I did a box set of contemporary romances (A SWEET LIFE) with some very popular authors (in conjunction with the auction). It was only on sale for one month, but that endeavor raised nearly $100,000 net to the charity. So…I decided to do three box sets this year–a thriller box, a contemporary romance box and a hot contemporary box. We just got them up for pre-order in December, but they won’t actually go on sale until May 1st. They contain all new stories from many bestselling authors‹and these collections will only have a two-month “on sale” window, from May 1 ­ June 30th.

Thanks in part to your help, we’ve raised $2.4 million dollars for this cause so far, but according to the CDC, nearly 10% of Americans have diabetes (and I bet a great deal of them are readers and writers). That’s just a crazy number–and something we can’t settle for. So I’m hoping that you will once again join forces with me to fight this dreaded disease. This year its easier than ever.

I’ve curated THREE limited edition box sets (meaning they will only be available for a short time) that are up for sale, each containing ten or more BRAND NEW stories from big-name authors. SWEET DREAMS (13 thrillers), SWEET TALK (11 contemporary romance stories) and SWEET SEDUCTION (14 hot contemporary stories a la FIFTY SHADES OF GREY) are currently up for pre-order at all major e-tailers–like Amazon, and Apple, and they’re only $9.99 each, which is less than $1/story. If you could just pre-order ONE of the box sets and/or post about them on your social media, it would help tremendously. We only have to sell 20,000 copies of each set to reach our goal, and these sets have some truly amazing authors.

Brenda Novak 1

Barnes & Noble Links: 

Sweet Talk

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seduction:

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Sweet Talk:

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seduction:

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Amazon links:

Sweet Talk:

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seductions:

You’ve always been so wonderful and generous. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support.


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