The Hero’s Journey via Titanic


Whether you’re a plotter or a panster, knowing The Hero’s Journey will help you with your story’s plot. Using Christopher Vogler’s guideline, I will lead you through a month-long journey of your own online. Lectures, discussions and homework on The Mythological Woods and the Hero’s Journey your hero and heroine should take during your book. To better participate in the class, students should watch James Cameron’s Titanic.

This class will be presented January 13 – February 9, 2014 at Savvy Authors.  Register HERE.

Please Contact Me about giving this class in person to your writing group or online.

Pioneering Women of the West

9b Stage

The West was discovered by men looking for adventure and fortune. But it was civilized by women who brought families, schools, churches, and stability to the area.

In “Pioneering Women of the West,” you’ll learn about the western movement, the treacherous journey hundreds of thousands of people took and of the lives of specific women who helped shape the West, intentionally or not. Some women went looking for a better life; others followed their man into the wilderness.

This class will be presented in November, 2013 at Hearts Through History, RWA’s Online Campus. Register Here.

Please Contact Me about presenting this online class to your writers.

Building a Hero

What makes a good hero? How do you make them three-dimensional, interesting, passionate and dramatically driven? And what the heck is the mythological woods and why would I put it in my story if it’s not a paranormal? Find out the answers to these questions and more with Anna Kathryn Lanier’s “Building a Hero” workshop. In this week-long workshop Anna Kathryn will explain Joseph Campbell and James N. Frey’s take on the mythological woods and what qualities a hero (and heroine) need to be heroic.

Please Contact Me about presenting this online class to your writers.